A kit dedicated created with magickal intent using the same healing properties to support the cleansing and clearing of your environment. Featuring: 1 x Purification Soy Candle, 1x Purification Room Spray, 1x Palo Santo, 1x White Sage Torch
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YLANG YLANG : A powerful remedy for the heart by helping with release of negative energy and emotions. The ultimate mood enhancer, helping with healing, relaxing and spiritual connection, while boosting sense of security and self. 
CLARY SAGE & SAGE FLOWER : Creates a wonderful sense of calm, clarity and mindfulness. Known to assist with hormonal and nervous system imbalances, and planetary rebalancing. 
WHITE SAGE : Considered a most sacred healing herb. Used for clearing negativity from both inside and outside ourselves, and the spaces we occupy.  Reduces our stress and fear response.
PALO SANTO: Translating to ‘holy wood’ it is used for cleansing, purifying and inspiring creativity and sense of renewal. ORMUS (ORMES) : Thought to be superconductors allowing clearer cell-to-cell communication. The ultimate clarifier and corrector – on every level, physical to metaphysical.