The all-natural Stardust Sugar Scrub is crafted from calming essential oils and skin healing superfoods. Lavender bud, starfruit, orange peel and anti-inflammatory turmeric powders, sugar, healing salts, almond and coconut.
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We’ve also added a tiny pinch of natural mica so you shimmer like stardust. This combo will leave your body feeling deeply moisturised and smelling like a dream, long after you use it. We've tried all the body scrubs out there - coffee scrubs, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs and everything in between. But none delivered the perfect level of skin exfoliation. Some were too soft and others were scratchy and damaged our skin. So we've developed our own exfoliating wonder mix that combines sugar, Himalayan sea salt, Pacific sea salt, coconut meal, almond meal and pink clay. We won't tell you it removes stretch marks or makes pigs fly, but if you want silky-soft, smooth and hydrated skin, then this scrub is perfect for you. 

Why is it so good?

  1. No artificial ingredients. 100% essential oils, fruit powders, healing salts, sugar and other natural wonders like turmeric and lavender bud powder.
  2. Leaves your body feeling deeply moisturised and smelling like a zesty orange dream.
  3. Carefully selected blend of lavender & sweet orange essential oil to both calm & energise.